Taiwan Tong Shing International Technology Co. Ltd.

TONG SHEANG PRECISION CO., LTD. was established in 1974, previously engaged in various mold & die manufacturing and pressing parts production, and latter greatly utilized our technologies and partnered with the Japanese company-Tomita Technos Corporation to expand our business scope to electronic relevant companies in Taiwan.  Our main customers are ASE, CCI, Taiwan Fu Shing Co, etc. We guarantee our product quality and we have gratefully received positive feedback. In June 2004, we introduced ISO 9001 Edition 2000 quality management into our system, and received the certification in

Tong Sheang Corporation continuously expands business to various scopes in order to assist our Japanese customers with the development of diverse electronic assembly. In 1984, Tong East Trading Company was established and has been introducing high quality assembly parts to our Japanese customer, and established Ningbo DongXin in China for manufacturing in plastic injection parts in 2007.

TONG SHING INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was established in 2009, mainly engages in various press die and progressive die making, serving Panasonic and other Japanese companies. Now we expand the business scope to the electronic relevant companies of Taiwan with our die making technology and experiences. Including ASE, CCI, Taiwan Fu Shing Company, etc. all are our customers. We offer services in concerns ranging from R&D, design, machining and finish the production of the pressing parts with the ISO9001 quality management.